Marek Kedzierski

Personal and Professional projects

Marek Kedzierski

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Android Development

VirtualBox Manager

Current Employment

Android Developer @ BTS Consulting LLC

Music Transcription Research

Custom Guitars & Woodworking

I build electric guitars from scratch. My current project has a custom (PRS influenced) body style with fabric finish and Ibanez style neck. 25" scale length with an angled neck. Gibson style bridge & PRS humbucking pickups.

I also build furniture. I recently built a 3-section music recording studio desk. My goal was to build a modern desk with exposed joinery. Classic joinery is used exclusively throughout the project; not a single screw to be found.


GIS Development

Professionally developed GIS visualization tools for various GIS formats. i.e. DTED, CADRG, CID, GeoTIFF, GeoJPEG. OpenMap API for file reading. OpenGL Visualization Automatic detection of optimal map scale. screenshots